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rearranging my life

We are in the process of rearranging our living room, dining room, and basement. It is a really labor intensive move since things need to be hauled up and down stairs and furniture moved. The problem is I get stuck in my mind on how to do things phone cases.

I got some of the living room done yesterday, not so hard but I am stalling on the basement. I have a real issue with moving into my Dad's old room. I am overwhelmed with thinking about him and I end up leaving without getting anything done but playing a bit online. It is where we moved our family computer embroidery digitizing.

I have to kick it in gear and make it my room. I put my sew table and craft crates down there but stare at it all and never unpack. I wonder if I start putting up pictures if that would help. I am figuring out my problem and it is half the battle. I keep inwardly yelling at myself to get over it and just do it nu skin 香港.

Does anyone have pointers on how to get over an emotional move? I am stupid sounding when I type it out but it is a real problem I am having. I have no motivation do do this nu skin.