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learn to love

I am glad we have that here in the USA even though some claim there is none. I can go outside and not worry a bomb is going to drop on my headstorage solution.

I am glad even though my people suffer they are a people of peace. It causes us to be respected a lot more than if my Ojibwa Nation dropped bombs on Washington DC. I am hinting towards the Middle east conflict yes, but I think about how I was told Native American Indians are like Palestinians. NO, NO we are not. I never seen our religion planning to take out another group of religious people because our scriptures say so.  Also We don't lay claim to land with violence because we think we deserve it out of religious reasons.. That is what peace is, HARD TO DO!  BUT we survive out of pure will and now we have more sovereignty then ever before after all the suffering.

Peace is laying down your weapons and standing peacefully for what you believe in with a pure heartHong Kong Company Secretary.

I am thankful for that peaceful cohabitation we do have in this country. To be of any religion, here, you are free to practice it. You cannot say that about all of the world. I wonder if praying for peace is enough and wonder if maybe some need to be taught to listen to common sense. That would take Education. I think we should press for a common education be made for all children in Israel, be they Jew, Gentile, or Muslim. That is how we foster peace here in America. We school our kids together.  And yes there are problems but in the long run people learn they have to live in a the same place in peace to survive. Plus the law of having No religious studies and prayer in school is another way of peace. Religion is such a problem I sometimes think people don't get how it makes barriers. If you are forced to acknowledge another god other than your own can you imagine the cry people would have in America. Say the shoe was on the other foot and Native American Indian People ran everything, could you handle it when we teach our Religious stories? No I don't think so. HA! Why separation of church ans state is a sacred trust we need to keep for peace sake. The rest of the world needs these lessons.

Yep i think that is the answer to all problem. Forced cohabitation until the young learn to get along. Get some kids to all play together since birth they don't care what color or creed the other kid is they just know what is kind, loving and peaceful play亞洲知識管理學院.

ANYWAY I know this half Native Woman irks people when she speaks her mind but there it is, My Opinion. I don't care what people think most times. I do know it takes two to fight.

Both sides need to learn to love.