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keep the contest

we'll keep the contest open until friday noon. then i'll tally up the votes and let ya know!
the winner will receive a 35$ dollar gift card to their choice of marshall's. h&m. or old navy~

thanks to everyone who submitted outfits..
they were coming from all directions it seemed and so if i missed getting yours in
please let me know asap and i'll stick it in the mix, k.

an interesting side note..
alot of the participants named their outfits something to do with date night.
made me wonder if that's because it's maybe the only time alot of us really put much thought into what we look like?
which i think is awesome we want to especially do that for our man!!
gotta remind him what we look like outside of those sweat pants every now and then. ;)

so here we go~ our first ever very unofficial official dress up contest 2012
now go forth and vote my friends!!!