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Good to see this book

Good to see this book getting a positive review, cause the truth is, there is a vast majority of people in today's China who not only like and admire Chairman Mao but who also remember his time as the 'good old days'.


This is the REAL reason why today's capitalist counter-revolutionaries have yet to take down Mao's portrait from the Tiananmen rostrum. They are scared that if they do, they will provoke a widespread, hostile reaction from the rural masses.

Many Chinese expatriots like Jung Chang hate Mao because they or their families were the victims of Mao's theory and practice of class struggle. But many people such as rural farmers and urban workers don't have reasons to dislike him.


It is important to hear the voice that resonates among the vast majority of Chinese, who cannot simply be dismissed as ignorant and brainwashed. We have to remind ourselves that in China, as in any other society, there was and there is a social hierarchy, and that perceptions by different sectors of Chinese society should be considered equally legitimate.

Mobo Gao's book reminds us of this. I recommend you buy it, read it, and cherish it for its valuable insights and great wisdom.