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scientific research

It’s been well established by scientific research – and affirmed by the Supreme Court – that a fetus does not become viable until around 25 weeks (the exact timing has to be determined on a case-by-case basis). For this reason, the Supreme Court has already ruled that past 25 weeks abortions cannot be performed except to protect the life of the mother (or for other serious medical reasons, such as quality of life of the fetus).

To change that, arbitrarily, and to remove the ability for doctors to determine viability by simply placing a hard limit serves no purpose.
Further, it interferes with the autonomy of women by forcing them to carry a fetus that is dependent on them for survival. If a fetus is entitled to use the life of another living thing to keep it alive, so should every other person be entitled to force other people’s bodies to be used for their own survival. And that’s simply a road we do not want to walk down.

2) Certainly don’t have an issue with it – the vast majority of clinics performing abortions already meet this standard. It’s a law to fix a problem that doesn’t exist.

3) Doesn’t serve any purpose. Whether you arrive at the emergency room with a doctor capable of admitting you or not, the ER doctor can admit you. The only purpose this law serves is to shut down access to abortion clinics, by requiring doctors to work for nearby hospitals in order to perform abortions – a requirement that will at best severely limit their availability at the clinic, and at worse prevent them from working at the clinic at all.
Most importantly about number 3 though, there’s no actual benefit. If you show up to an ER on your own, you’ll get the exact same care as you would if you showed up with an admitting doctor, simply because the ER doctor can admit you anyway.


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