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Black Friday

I don't know what to think about this tidbit of news. That Black Friday doesn't always have the best prices. Hmmm WOW they talked about that on the news this morning on TV. Tell that to the guy who camped out Wednesday night in a tent outside of Best buy! It's not my cup of tea to fight all the shoppers to shop for stuff if I can get for a better deal later. :) HA Asian college of knowledge management!

One year my sisters and I stood outside the Disney store to get a rare Winnie the pooh bean bag doll. Yeah I still have it but that was the last time in my life I got up at 4 in the morning to wait in line for hours. What is funny is I had Leif in a stroller at that time all bundled up standing outside the mall. WOW I think about what great parenting skill I had then. NOT! It was an experience that taught me a valuable lesson. Junk like toys, depreciate in value, so it isn't worth the wasted time spent to get a rare item that sells on Ebay now for about the same price you bought it. Leify was such a good baby. I did a lot of crazy stuff with him I couldn't do with my youngest son. Ha.

Anyway back to Black Friday I am walking to the walgreens for cheaper than usual laundry soap. It is my favorite brand since Aaron has skin issues. LOL They said it is on sale for $2.50 a bottle and I can really get my moneys worth on that item. No early morning start or time lost here. If they don't have it I got a good exercise out of it and a small adventure Art Culture. :)

DO you do any shopping today? I rather do Cyber Monday. I am getting lazy about shopping.

OH Thankfulness is over for me. I got a finger wag by an elder on Facebook that I shouldn't celebrate American Thanksgiving day. :( You just can't please everyone no matter what you do. I wonder if she will get pissed I shop on Black Friday too media storage furniture.