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So Yesterday My husband and I embarked on a new hobby, biking.

He found a nice bike at a garage sale and I have one my sister had and couldn't move with her. Hubby took them to a bike shop to get them in perfect working order.

I have no rode a bike in years. I was 17 I think last time I rode a bike I am not sure if it was even that recent.

It was glorious! The wind on my face whistling past my ears, It made me feel young again.I had so much fun and it was an exercise!

We rode through the neighborhood since I want to just go easy for now. I felt kind of uneasy with riding too far since my legs soon felt like Jello. I did about a mile and a half then came home. I have not been walking so much since my knee surgery so I wussed out sooner than my husband. He went on for another 4 miles without me.

I am sure I will be going at least 3 times a week. I want to get into shape enough to ride around to the grocery store, park, doctors, and etc.